Update Jurassic Survival v1.1.0

As we promised you — there was a major update of the game Jurassic Survival 1.1.0. This is a truly revolutionary patch, which added a lot of innovations to the game, enough for a few projects.

  • Find out what kind of danger is hiding behind the wall, visiting the strategically important place «Gate 3»
  • The Hunters faction has a new task — repairing the camp equipment, but beware — noise attracts predators!
  • Keep to shoulder with new allies against the common threat. Their help will be invaluable during the invasion of the dinosaurs.
  • After a successful attack on the leaders in the zone of Gate 3, you can find more valuable trophies than in other places.

Download Jurassic Survival 1.1.0 in this page

Download MOD Jurassic Survival 1.1.0 in this page

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