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Jurassic Survival 1.1.26

Jurassic Survival is a very interesting game for those who are interested in traveling, it is interesting to take risks and a sense of adrenaline. Survival game. Weaklings will not be able to play this game unequivocally, it literally takes it to a parallel world and makes itself feel like it’s like you are in a game!

In this game, there are a huge number of hungry, evil and bloodthirsty dinosaurs. In Juressic Survival, you will find not only aggressive animals, but also negative characters, from which you will need to defend yourself. Your task will be to avoid falling into the mouth of bloodthirsty dinosaurs. To do this, you can use weapons, such as a spear, to hunt for not very strong enemies.

You must be strong and brave, otherwise you will not survive! For self-defense, you should accumulate material in order to build a house and a fence. Only in this case you will have the opportunity to survive.

Juressic Survival will help you plunge into the cruel world of this game and will make you feel like a hero in that world! Have a good game.

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