Update Jurassic Survival 1.0.7

Dear players! Update 1.0.7 is already available!

The main surprise that awaits you is the wall behind the cyclone. Most likely, there will be new problems and dangers associated with this structure.

Together with this, a faction of hunters appears in the game. These guys are ready to offer players new assignments with good rewards.

The new “Invasion” event will allow all comers to unite with representatives of the hunters faction against a common threat that can turn into a deadly danger.

Mad Dogs’ Arena also prepared new surprises! Visit Hyde, he has something to show. In addition, Scavenger, a resident of the “Mad Dog”, took his place near Jekyll. He is ready to exchange trophies for access to the arena.
Are you ready for the new Jurassic Survival secrets? Update 1.0.7 is a new test for players!

Download here

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