Update Jurassic Survival 1.0.4

Hooray! Update 1.0.4 for Jurassic Survival is already available, and we want to tell you about what awaits you in the game.

✔ Invasion of leaders.
Deadly leaders, whom you have already met during the “accident” events, are becoming even more dangerous. These predators await survivors in other places. Prepare for a new danger!

✔ Leader’s reputation.
The merchant’s reputation is increased by the exchange of trophies. By making deals, players can expand the list of available items and open up new opportunities. It’s time for active trading!

✔ Devil’s trap.
In the new update, your hero will be able to find in his house a mysterious flower that will help to go beyond the known, and …, however, you have to find out everything yourself. The meeting promises to be interesting!

All these functions are already available, and the developer plans to develop Jurassic Survival with every update, bringing into the game more and more interesting mechanics! Follow the news in our community!

You can download the game version 1.0.4 in here.

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