Soon the update of Jurassic Survival 1.1

Soon the update of Jurassic Survival 1.1

Friends! We are glad to see that interest in the game Jurassic Survival is not lost and are ready to share with you the plans of the developer regarding the upcoming update 1.1. There are some surprises, which are described below.

One of the main features of Jurassic Survival is the interaction of players with representatives of the wild world. Update 1.1 should raise the process of interaction with other survivors to a new level.

Also, the wall with the recent renovation was built not only for decoration! In 1.1, a new strategically important place will appear where it will be possible to find special tasks. The main thing is to be ready for danger.

The mechanics of defensive battles in the update 1.0.7 proved to be good, and therefore it was decided to continue the movement in this direction. In new tasks, you will again have to act as a defender, but the goals and allies will be different. Protection will be more flexible, so that everyone can choose for themselves the best way of passing.

The update will be released very soon! You can download it on our website in this section.

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