New role-playing system and other plans

Every day, the developer receives dozens of questions and suggestions via e-mail and private messages. Team Jurassic Survival has many plans, some of which they gladly shared!

At the moment, a unique role-playing system is being developed that will allow players to strengthen their character and thereby open up new opportunities. The progress of the hero is a very important aspect of the game process, and we plan to make it more diverse and interesting, so that the research of each new stage of the game becomes even more fascinating.

In addition to the unique role-playing system, the guys are working on a more complete immersion of players in the world of Jurassic survival. One of the tools that will help to get closer to this is the ability to tame wild animals. In their opinion, the ability to tame all kinds of dinosaurs will allow players to feel unity with the world of the Jurassic period and even more deeply imbued with the spirit of the game.

These are not all innovations, over which daily work boils. More details about other innovations will be told a little later, but rest assured – in the mysterious world of Jurassic Survival there are many more interesting things!

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