jurassic survival 1.1.7 download

Jurassic Survival 1.1.7 has been updated

Jurassic survival 1.1.7

The game Jurassic Survival was created for fans of extreme and adventure. For those who like to travel to dangerous places of the planet, and risk their lives every minute. There is no place for cowards and weaklings. Jurassic Survival – a game of survival, survival in a world full of dinosaurs, eager to tear apart any living thing. They are hungry, huge and bloodthirsty.

The game takes you to a parallel world, where you need to try not to be in the mouth of a predator. In addition, in addition to animals, you will also have to fight negative people. For this, at the beginning of the game you can use a spear, it will help to hunt and protect yourself from not very powerful enemies.

It’s important to be strong enough, brave and cunning to survive on untouched earth civilization. In order to protect yourself you will need to accumulate material for building and strengthening the house and fence. And just enough to take care of protection, there is an opportunity to survive.

Jurassic survival will help you plunge into another world where you can express yourself and your wit, and also experience a storm of emotions and adrenaline.

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