jurassic survival 1.1.3 download

Download update Jurassic Survival 1.1.3.

As we announced the update of Jurassic Survival 1.1.3. To be honest, we expected the update to be released a few weeks earlier, but thanks to the developers that they generally follow the game and try to make it even better. Moreover, the new version makes a lot of changes to the gameplay of the game.

Main innovations:

  • There was a new location in which you need to be extra careful to survive, it was called «The Farm of Mad Dogs»
  • On the location of «Farm rabid dogs» go patrol. To get past them you need to act cleverly and secretly.
  • On the farm you can get rape, which will be needed for making biodiesel. A biodiesel, in turn, will be needed to improve the camp.
  • For the sortie, it is advisable to have a metal detector, since the fields around the farm are studded with mines.

You can download Jurassic Survival version 1.1.3 on this page.

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