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MegaMod: a lot of money, unlimited energy, 99 level

Jurassic Survival — a real breath of fresh air among the same type of survival simulators from the company Mishka Production. Every day it earns more and more popularity among gamers who like this genre. And in this there is nothing strange, because those crafting opportunities that are offered, are not available even in many games on the PC.

What is a mod?

This addition to the game, in our case to the Jurassic Survival, which is developed by amateur programmers. Usually, modifications are distributed completely free of charge. Unlike official additions, amateur fashion very often changes the balance of power towards the player and simplifies the gameplay. Therefore, players like to use them when they can not pass a certain mission.

At the same time, now very popular are the hacked versions of games for Android. In this case, the main goal of the modifications is to remove the need to use donat, which the developer imposes.

Jurassic Survival  has the  many positive qualities, but players are unhappy with the fast energy consumption that is needed to move to locations on the global map. Yes, if you come into the game a couple of times a day, then the limit provided by the developers, you will be enough, but if you are an active player and you want to rush into the world of Jurassic Survival you definitely will not be enough, because there will be enough energy for examination of a maximum of 4-5 zones. That is why many need a mod for infinite energy.

After installing the mod files provided on our site, you will be removed from the limit, and you can collect resources and kill predators without forced interruptions.

You can download other modifications, for example, mod for instant pumping the character to 99 level or free kraft.

One of the best quality mods is MEGA mod.

Functional MegaMod

As you can see from the title — the volume of changes and opportunities is huge:

  • Strong armor is heavy-duty and impenetrable armor, from which you will become a real Iron Man.
  • The new interface is more convenient and clear design.
  • Free kraft — create easily and simply at any level of pumping.
  • Damage 3000 — incredible damage power (damage applies to the player, be careful !!!)
  • 99 level — opens all the crafting recipes.
  • Infinite energy — allows you to move to any distance, not paying attention to the energy reserve.
  • Infinite health — the opportunity to become immortal will help in the battle with the leader.
  • Increased accuracy and speed of shots.
  • Anti-cheat mod — will allow you to play in the jammed Jurassic Survival and not think about sanctions. That is, neither the developer nor GooglePlay learns that you are cheating on their system.
  • In addition, an endless supply of coins, containers, items, mail and many other useful chips.


Jurassic Survival Mod 1.1.25 (78.50mb)

Jurassic Survival mod 1.1.23 (96,69 mb)

Jurassic Survival mod 1.1.7 (70,69 mb)