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Survival in a prehistoric world

Jurassic Survival is a game about survival in the world of dinosaurs, in which all fight for their lives — dinosaurs, humans and animals. In a world where everyone wants to kill another and the chances of survival are almost zero, there is no room for sympathy, anger and other emotions.

game Jurassic Survival

Thanks to the whole range of features, plugins and tools — this game could incredibly bring together the world of games on smartphones and personal computers.

In general — this is a real masterpiece! As once Day Z began the era of survivors in the world of zombies, so Jurassic Survival began a new stage in the world of prehistoric predators on smartphones and other Android / IOS devices.

Mechanics and gameplay of Jurassic Survival

At the very beginning of the game, you will be identified on the server, which will later survive. It’s normal for you to be disturbed not only by dinosaurs, but also by other players who will resist you. The developers promise to introduce in the near future the opportunity to join clans and fight for territories with whole teams — how this can be realized and whether it will be possible at all, time will tell.

Just a few years ago in games simulators with a huge open world could be played only on a PC, but now a full sandbox MMORPG can run on your Android or device with iOS.

It’s clear that in order to implement an application of this scale on a mobile phone you need to put a lot of effort, because all the multifaceted mechanics of the game must complement each other and work as one single organism.

The sole purpose of your barefoot and naked hero is extremely clear — to survive, but how to do it in a wild hostile world, if you even pants, is it not?

In order not to perish, you need to collect various items, from the leaves to the dinosaur eggs. The collection mode is implemented very simply and qualitatively — to pick up an object you just need to approach it and tap the interaction button on the screen. Collect all in one pocket will not work, as there are restrictions on the number of items carried. According to the idea of ​​the authors on the player is allocated 8 cells in each of which you can accommodate 20 identical items. For example, twenty leaves of a fern or twenty stones. Portable equipment can be doubled, but for this you need to get a backpack. The backpack in turn can be crafted, found, stolen or taken away by force — as you see the options set.

As already written above. In Jurassic Survival is a constant battle for life. To do this, you need to constantly fight with «lizards», bad people and dangerous animals (yes, dinosaurs are also like animals, but in the game they stand apart), and to fight you need a weapon, since the fists are not very helpful » in a fight «with a tyrannosaurus. At the initial stage of survival, when your hero is still very naked and silly you will gain a spear, which is very easy to do with palm logs, stones and bamboo. Such weapons, although absolutely primitive, but with its help you can defend yourself from not very dangerous enemies and even hunt.

By the way, a little about hunting, the best way to catch your breakfast is to sneak up to the zebra from behind and strike with a weapon, usually an animal dies from a single blow. If you act in a straightforward manner and try to strike not the spodtishka, then the zebra will notice you and begin to escape, thereby attracting the attention of dangerous predators that can become a real threat to your life.Jurassic Survival about game

If you are attracted by the genre of survival, when a person needs to exist in absolutely unfit for this conditions, then this toy is for you!

Some tips for passing:

  • Carry with you only the most necessary — a little food, water and weapons. And all that you are collecting try to immediately carry in your chest (you can build on the second level), even if your inventory is not yet full. This is to ensure that in the event of the death of your character, do not lose important for a new survival items.
  • Every day you are given useful items, it can be food, weapons or something else. So do not forget to check your mail.
  • If you are attacked by a whole flock of dinosaurs, it’s best to run away from the location as soon as possible, wait a couple of seconds and go back. After returning to the just-abandoned zone, you will see that the flocks are gone, and all the dinosaurs have forgotten about you and stand on decent positions from each other.
  • At the first stages of entering the game, special danger is not represented by people or dinosaurs, but hunger and dehydration, so try to collect more provisions.
  • Also at the beginning of the game do not be afraid to attack the dinosaurs, which stand alone on the map — you have nothing to lose at the start, but you can get a lot of useful «buns».

Another feature of the game is the movement on the global map, which occurs not immediately, but after a while, depending on the distance. You have two ways of traveling — running and walking. In the first case, the movement takes place in a few seconds, but the energy is expended with time (but slowly) or instantly (but for real money), and the second method does not foresee any costs, but then the transition from one location to another can be spent whole 15-20 minutes.

Do not forget that with each level your character becomes smarter and learns more and more skills, so after the level-up immediately check the drawings and get acquainted with what you can now build.

System requirements:

In order to play normally in «Jurassic survival» you should preferably have a phone and a tablet with the characteristics that are indicated below. It should be noted that despite the beautiful graphics the game is not quite choosy to iron.


Graphics (GPU): Mali, Tegra, Andreno and others. There is support for OpenGL ES 2.0
Processor (CPU-Z):
Memory: 300 MB to 1 GB for normal operation
List of supported devices: A complete list of supported devices is not provided by the developer.
Version: Android 4.1 +
The Internet: from 256 kb/s

Installation of the game:

  • First you need to download the necessary files from a special section
  • Then you need to run the downloaded ARC file on your device.
  • If you get an error about the «unsafe file», then turn on the «Unknown sources» feature in the Android settings
  • and start the APK game file again.
  • Enjoy the game.

Screenshots and Trailer 2017

Before you download Jurassic Survival, make sure that this is exactly what you need. For this, look at the screenshots of the game and the video. After acquaintance you will understand why this application so quickly gained popularity among users.

gameplay of game

Survival in a prehistoric world

Jurassic Survival is a game about survival

Forum of the game

We are glad to inform you that due to the growing popularity of the game it was decided to open the «Forum» section. There you can share your thoughts and wishes for the game.